Inspired by nature, a touch of French whimsy and a flair for eclectic style…Crazy Beautiful Life was borne. Combined with a passion for texture, muted earthy colour and an overwhelming admiration for the beauty in nature, Crazy.Beautiful.Life opened it's doors in December 2011. Lovely linens, muted watercolours, rusty wire hearts and wreaths, stoneware, lichen etched concrete pots, lush velvet cushions, old school compasses are just a taste of what you'll find when you visit. Crazy.Beautiful.Life is about enjoying simplicity...delighting in the organic forms that life offers, interpreting nature into your interiors! Beautiful wares from local Australian and international independent artisans are blended with the beauty of aged and time-worn handmade products from India, the industrial nature of rusted steel and filament globe lamps from France and handmade jewellery from the small villages of Africa ... Where good old fashioned service with a smile or usually a good laugh is a must

This is the crux of Crazy.Beautiful.Life !


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